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Friday, October 8th 2010, 2:33pm

Guide 12: Expedition guide

  • A detailed look at expeditions
  • Please use this thread for questions, suggestions, improvements, etc.

  • Written by <author>
    - <link to the original>

  • The template for all translations:
    - <Link to the template for all translations>
  • Here you'll find all translations:
    - <Link to the translation task , found here>

What needs to be done:
  • - Someone with german language skills should check it, however i think it's quite good as it is and should more or less just be translated at the moment. (Mort)
  • - Check jeckylls version and see if it could be improved further.

  • added - XXth Month 2010 - Name of the editor.
  • added - 05/11/2010 - jeckylls version added.


Monday, November 1st 2010, 6:53pm


Article about expeditions by Raicheron (german original)

long as I do not know all about expeditions this article ist under
construction. I am working on it since more than 1.5 years and I
discover still new things.
I find myself unable to grasp it shorter or translate ist. For most players it should be more information than they need.


Friday, November 5th 2010, 11:39am

expo guide (dutch)

  • A tut for expo

  • Written by <author>
  • Jeckyll
    - <link to the original>

Jun 19, 2010 by Jeckyll

Expedition Expedition to redesign what is it exactly? Expedition
is an addition to OGame, a new element where a player can not play
against one other player but against a simulation program. When forwarding, you do not have just the skills necessary techniques. A player who is actively and daily expedition will however benefit of this experience. Expedition Fleet is not a good way of saving the game since returning from the fleet expedition phalanx. And debris from lost fleet during a fight is not to clean up.

You have to expedition will need

* Astro Technology

* Fleet

* Fleet slots

Astro Engineering

This determines the number of expeditions you can do and for how long.

* Astro Technology 1-3 entitles an expedition

* Astro Technology 4-8 entitles two expeditions

* Astro Technology 9-15 entitles three expeditions

16-24 * Astro Technology entitles four expeditions

The number of expeditions have more influence on your results than the time you go on an expedition. So the more you go on an expedition the more you will achieve results below the line. You should not look at a profit but to the total.


You send away your fleet on an expedition is very crucial for your results. Each ship has its own exhibited amount of points. By expedition's 9000 expedition, you may also send items to fleet, may be higher but has no effect on the result. Is
the number 1 of the uni, higher than 5,000,000 points than the value of
the fleet each ship 12,000 points exhibit any other ship you can find. You can only be one level higher or lower than you find them send an expedition. As a result you can not Recyclers, Colony ships or find RIPS

Expo Points

* Recycler 16

* Koloieship 30

* Star of Death 9000

* Spionagesat 1

* 12 small cargo

* Light Combat 12

* Large cargo 47

* Heavy fighting 110

* 47 Cruiser

160 * Battleship

70 * Interceptor

Bomb Thrower 75 *

* Destroyer 110

Here's what remarkable things. The heavy fighting and large cargo ships have high value items for your exhibit and thus very suitable for shipping. Want to find dark matter only then a fleet of a small freighter and a spying probe enough. If you want to each expedition to go beyond the maximum results this is the most efficient fleet.

* 68 Heavy Combat, this is purely for exhibition items

* 1 Destroyer, this is for all ships to be found

* 1 Spy probe, which is to check for activity in sector

* 30 Large Cargo, this is for storing and exhibiting items found GS.

This fleet is together expo 9001 points.


These send you on to see if activity in this sector, you read it back in your report. The less activity in the pig sector, the higher the probability of result. A lock resets itself after about 3 hours. Sending waves fleet does not have an adverse effect or activity in that sector.

Fleet locks

Yes you are entitled to simply tie three expeditions then you also lose 3 fleet slots if you're going to do full time.

Results of Expedition Expedition You have within three scenarios about the outcome.

* A bad result

* A neutral result

* A positive result

And then you have it again three degrees

* A normal result for this is 90%

* A great result, this is about 9%

* An extreme result, it is approximately 1%.

A bad result

you can lose with fleet expedition this happens in a battle with
pirates or aliens.En or you can lose your fleet into a worm hole where
your message Kwaa Kra Swit will result as an expedition and then lose
your entire fleet. Aliens have always 3 levels higher in Arms, Armor and Shield technology. So you can or a part of your fleet in a battle or lose all your fleet. Again the debris that is created in a fight to clear

Break even

There is really nothing, you lose no fleet or you find nothing. The disadvantage here is that you can get an exemption in time. Your fleet is suddenly much earlier or much later really. A delay of 24 hours is not alone. This is the reason why expedition is NOT suitable for fleet save. Another result is to find an animal or an unknown substance.

A positive result

* 1-You can find a free trader

* You'll find 2-Dark Matter

* 3-You will find resources

* You'll find 4-fleet

1-A free trader and that might useful.

2-You can find Dark Matter Again the best fleet to search for dark matter is

* 1 Small Cargo

* An espionage probe

If we look at the three grades is around

* 90% find a normal amount equivalent to 100-200 Dark Matter

* 9% is a large amount equivalent to 201-500 Dark Matter

* 1% find an extreme result of more than 501 dark matter

The largest find to date is 2076 Dark Matter

You will find Commodity

Commodities found in 9/3/1 ratio, meaning that you usually find metal. You never find more than you can carry.

We then have three possible outcomes than what amounts to

* 90% a result of up to 450,000 up to 225,000 metal or crystal or deuterium up to 150,000

* 9% a result of up to 900,000 up to 450,000 metal or crystal or deuterium up to 300,000

* 1% a result of up to 1,800,000 up to 900,000 metal or crystal or deuterium up to 600,000

This is a plain where the No. 1 no 5,000,000 points.

You find Fleet

As mentioned, you find fleet expedition there are three exceptions, you can not find;

* A recycler

* A death star

* A colony ship

For the rest if you can find everything before it sends the right ships. You can even early in a uni ships find yourself not allowed to make. The battleships determine what you can find here. A Light Fighter Heavy Fighter may thus find a higher level. A shredder can find this so all the ships out there. What you do is driven depends on your fleet. Once again, everything up to then find the optimal fleet to send in costs and dispatching points.

* 68 Heavy Combat

* 30 Large Cargo

* 1 Destroyer

* 1 Spionagesat.

Do you want the maximum resources, and less damage in battles with pirates and aliens you send.

* 256 Large Cargo

* 1 Destroyer

* 1 Spionsat

The results are

* 90% between 10 and 50 ships and structures up to 300,000 points

* 9% between 51 and 100 ships and up to 600,000 points structure

* 1% between 101 and 200 ships. and up to 1,200,000 points structure

So in summary

* Expedition is profitable if you do this every day.

* Most of your income with the maximum expo.punten fleet to go.

* The spy satellite is to check activities for the less activity there is in a sector more likely to yield results.

* No fleet save method.

* The fleet's return OR phalanx

* Debris is never clean up.

That was my minitut. Check for more info.


* Ogame

* Expedition fleet value

* Anti-Game

* Greasemonkey

* Firefox

Fonetisch lezen

  • added - XXth Month 2010 - Name of the editor.

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