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Wednesday, June 23rd 2010, 11:45pm

COgame - Google Chrome Extension

  • COgame (= Chrome Ogame) is an extension for Google Chrome, to make ogame a better (and much faster) place.

  1. install Google Chrome (Version 5)
  2. open Chrome and open this webpage click on "Download"
  3. Chrome will display a waring that you are installing a extension. accept this
  4. Chrome shows you some information about this extension
  5. install it!

  • Google Chrome updates the extension on it's own from time to time
  • Currently Google Chrome 5 has a problem updating language files for extensions, you have to restart Chrome to fix this.

  1. click on "Tools"
  2. "Extensions"
  3. deinstall COgame


Features & Settings:
  • click at the left menu button called "COgame"
  • turn on / off any option you wish and hit "save"

Current Status:
  • If you have idees for new features and options please let me know, just write it down here and I will try to add them. But please keep in mind that my day has also only 24 hours and I can't spend all of them on this extension.
  • Please also report bugs, little errors within the translation and so on here within the thread.
Other Languages:

A hint for Google Chrome + Ogame:
  • Ogame has a big problem with Google Chrome... the ToolTips are not working. To fix this problem download the "Ogame ToolTip" extension also from I hope that the Ogame fixes this within one of the next patches then you can remove this bugfix extension.
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